DNS Women

We have over 400 influential women from all over the globe as members. We are a diverse community – whether in the type of job, subject matter, global location, public or private sectors representation, age, education – that facilitates industry-wide collaboration to drive positive growth in the DNS industry.
Response to our 2015 member survey indicates that approximately 86% of our members are in executive or management positions. Of those who responded, about 30% have a business background (vast spectrum), followed by 20% technical and 20% law/policy; the majority consists of salaried, full-time employees. Around 85% of our members are active contributors to Internet technical and/or policy issues thorough ICANN, IGF, ISOC, ITU, IETF and other regional organizations.






DNS Women Short Story

DNS WOMEN started in 2009 as a small group of five women inside ICANN willing to encourage other women to be more active and participative in ICANN,...

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