Who we are

DNS Women (Domain Name System Women) is a global networking organization that aims at providing encouragement, inspiration and active support to women in the DNS industry. We encourage women around the world to respond to the ever increasing need for leadership, critical to the growth of the Internet.

DNS Women was founded in 2009 and is the first organization dedicated to promoting and empowering women in the DNS industry. Since its inception, members have gathered in Australia, South Korea, Kenya, Belgium, Colombia, USA, Brazil, Morocco, Singapore, Senegal, Costa Rica, Canada, Argentina, Dublin and China, to name a few.

Our Goals

  • Provide a platform of connections, resources and opportunities on local and global levels.
  • Support women to fill leadership positions critical to the growth of the Internet.
  • Encourage girls and young women to choose business and technology careers.

Get Involved

We love to have your help in advancing the impact of women in the DNS industry. There are several ways to get involved:

  • Join our site, Facebook and Linkedin.
  • Collaborate in our blog! We love to see articles about your area of expertise, industry issues and
  • Share opportunities such as new job postings, internships, local events that promote career development and education.
  • Donate your time and talent at local level by joining or establishing a local Chapter.
  • Help organize and/or sponsor global or local events.
  • Help organize and/or sponsor local colleges and universities speaking engagements.

Member Profile

Our membership includes over 400 influential women from across the globe. We are a diverse community – with different types of job, areas of expertise, global location, public or private sector representation, age, education – that facilitates industry-wide collaboration to drive positive growth in the DNS industry.

Response from 2015 member survey indicates that approximately 86% of our members are in executive or managerial positions. Of those who responded, an average of 30% have business background (vast spectrum), followed by 20% technical and 20% law/policy; most are salaried, full-time employees. About 85% of our members are active contributors to Internet technical and/or policy issues thorough ICANN, IGF, ISOC, ITU, IETF and other regional organizations.

Member organizations represented: corporation, government, academia, small business owners, consultants, students.

Membership to the DNS Women is free.

If you are in the DNS industry or interested in joining, you can contact us directly at dnswomen@gmail.com, come to one of our events, and join our Facebook and Linkedin. Consider leading one of our local Chapters.