How can I become a DNS Women member?

If you are in the DNS industry or interested in joining, you can contact us directly at, come to one of our events, and join us on Facebook and Linkedin. Consider leading one of our local Chapters. Membership of the DNS Women is free.

Do I need to pay fees to become a member?

No, membership is free.

What are the benefits and opportunities available for members?

As a member, you can:

  • network with a diverse group of vibrant global professionals;
  • gain leadership experience and give back to other professionals in the field;
  • collaborate and rely on DNS Women connections for the support you need in your career endeavors;
  • create, sponsor and/or support a local Chapter in your country;
  • make a difference and promote the DNS and Women in technology through local colleges and universities; and
  • meet inspiring speakers at global, virtual and local events.
Who are the DNS Women members?

We have over 400 influential women from all over the globe as members. We are a diverse community – whether in the type of job, subject matter, global location, public or private sectors representation, age, education – that facilitates industry-wide collaboration to drive positive growth in the DNS industry.

Response to our 2015 member survey indicates that approximately 86% of our members are in executive or management positions. Of those who responded, about 30% have a business background (vast spectrum), followed by 20% technical and 20% law/policy; the majority consists of salaried, full-time employees. Around 85% of our members are active contributors to Internet technical and/or policy issues thorough ICANN, IGF, ISOC, ITU, IETF and other regional organizations.

Where can I attend conferences and events to meet other members?

Please visit our Events page to learn about future events.

How can I find a local network, event or member near me?

Join our site, Facebook and/or Linkedin to connect with members near you. Some countries/regions have a local Chapter and you can contact the Chapter leader directly.

How can I submit a calendar listing for an upcoming event in my region or country?

If you are organizing or know about an event that is of interest to DNS Women professional growth, please write to

How can I or my organization sponsor a DNS Women event?

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Karla at Sponsoring a DNS Women event is a great way to get exposure to a diverse group of global professionals.

What are the benefits of sponsoring a DNS Women event?
  • Speaking opportunity at the event;
  • Visibility for you company through distribution of promotional materials to event attendees;
  • Recognition at the conference;
  • You company logo and link to its website displayed at the DNS Women website for one year on the sponsors page, together with a 200-word corporate profile;
  • Logo exposure at event sponsorship signage (except for exclusively sponsored events);
  • Recognition in e-mail messages and other marketing materials for one year; and
  • Ability to post at DNS Women Career Connection board, which offers increased exposure to high-caliber professionals.
How can I find a loHow much does it cost to sponsor a DNS Women event?cal network, event or member near me?

Costs vary depending on the type of event and venue. Please write to for details.

Does DNS Women sponsor local events?

At this time, DNS Women does not sponsor events. DNS Women is a volunteer organization.

What are Local Chapters?

Local Chapters offer a forum to make valuable connections, promote local businesses, products, services and talents. It is a great way to meet leaders, discuss issues and opportunities that are particularly relevant to the region, enriching the breadth and depth of your professional knowledge. Help to make a difference in your community by establishing or joining a local Chapter. Simply write to

What are the benefits?
  • Leadership development;
  • Meet, network, and share information and resources with a diverse group of professionals in your area;
  • Promote the DNS and Women in technology through local events, college and university engagements;
  • Participate and/or organize a local DNS Women event;
  • Be a mentor; and
  • Empower and support future Youth Internet leaders.
What kind of support to local chapters does DNS Women provide?

We can provide: (1) mentorship to establish and manage a local chapter; (2) informational materials to be used at local events that can be downloaded from our site; (3) contact information of members in your region; (4) promote your event through our site, Facebook and Linkedin.

DNS Women is a volunteer organization and therefore is unable to offer financial support to local chapters.

What is expected from a local chapter leader?

Local DNS Women chapter leaders have a unique opportunity to make an impact within a country or region. You will be able to: (1) organize or collaborate at local events; (2) be an advocate, a speaker for DNS Women and Women in technology at existing events, colleges, and universities; (3) identify and raise topics or issues relevant to your area through blog publications,and roundtable discussions; (4) help to promote opportunities for existing or new DNS Women, such as jobs, internships, local courses; (5) Help to identify Youth Internet leaders in your area.

How do I start a chapter?

Send in the intent to charter to Please include the following:

  • Your resume and a short biography.
  • A recent picture.
  • Describe your involvement with DNS Women and any other Women’s organization to date.
  • Names and titles of at least 5 interested individuals.
  • Outline potential activities and opportunities in the area.

After we have received the form from you, we will contact you for further details and send you startup materials.

How do I register as a member?

Send us a message by clicking on the “Contact us” button at the menu bar. You will receive a confirmation message at your mailbox with your user name and a link to the login screen. When you access that link, you will be prompted to create your password.

I forgot my username.

Please send a message to and you will be informed of your user name. Or you can ask us to use your email address as your username in your registration request.

I forgot my password.

Please send a message to and you will be informed of your user name. Or you can ask us to use your email address as your password in your registration request.

How can I submit an article or a suggestion for a listing of resources?

If you wish to publish an original or previously published article or resource about the DNS industry or other topic of interest for professional women, please write to

How can I post to our blog?

When you register with the site, you are initially granted the role of subscriber, which only allows you to read the site and manage your own profile.

If you intend to post to our blog please write to informing us of your intention so that your profile can be upgraded to contributor — which allows you to write and edit your posts but requires the administrator or editor to publish them.

I want to post a previously published article I have online. How do I do that?

Please write to informing us of your intention and attaching the file to be uploaded.

How can I comment on a blog posting?

Simply click on the comment box and write your message. As soon as it is approved by the editor, it will be published to the site.

How can I submit information about a job, internships and volunteer opportunities?

You just need to post it as a blog entry and select the “DNS Women on the Move category”. Once it’s published it will be displayed at the appropriate page.