DNS Women Local Chapters

Local Chapters offer a forum to make valuable connections, promote local business, products, services and talents. It is a great way to meet leaders, discuss issues and opportunities that are particularly relevant to the region, enriching the breadth and depth of your professional knowledge. Help to make a difference in your community by establishing or joining a local Chapter. Simply write to

Existing Chapters:

North America – Karla Valente (USA)

Latin America – Vanda Scartezini (Brazil); Maritza Aguero (Perú)

Europe – Siranush Vardanyan (Armenia)

What are the benefits?

  • Leadership development;
  • Meet, network, share information and resources with a diverse group of professionals in your area;
  • Promote the DNS and Women in technology through local events, college and university engagements;
  • Participate and/or organize a local DNS Women event;
  • Be a mentor;
  • Empower and support future Youth Internet leaders.

What kind of support to local chapters does DNS Women provide?

We can provide: (1) mentorship to establish and manage a local chapter; (2) informational materials to be used at local events that can be downloaded from our site; (3) contact information of members in your region; (4) promote your event through our site, Facebook and Linkedin.

DNS Women is a volunteer organization and therefore is unable to offer financial support to local chapters.

What is expected from a local chapter leader?

Local DNS Women chapter leaders have a unique opportunity to make an impact within a country or region. You will be able to: (1) organize or collaborate at local events; (2) be an advocate, a speaker for DNS Women and Women in technology at existing events, colleges, universities; (3) identify and raise topics or issues that are relevant to your area through blog publications, round table discussions; (4) help to promote opportunities for existing or new DNS Women, such as jobs, internships, local courses; (5) Help to identify Youth Internet leaders in your area.

How do I start a chapter?

Send in the intent to charter to Please include the following:

  • Your resume and a short biography.
  • A recent picture.
  • Describe your involvement with DNS Women and any other Women’s organization to date.
  • Names and titles of at least 5 interested individuals.
  • Outline potential activities and opportunities in the area.

After we have received the information, we will contact you for further details and send you startup materials.